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ETSC says the UK Roads Are Second Safest in Europe

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Fastern your seat belt

The number of deaths in road accidents have dropped big time during last decade, better infrastructure will help reduce even more Since last decade the number of people killed in road accidents has halved, as lot of improvement has been made in traffic offence enforcement, driver and passenger protection and the infrastructure. Between 2001 and […]

Why Tron-like glow-in-the-dark road project has been suspended

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The initial tests showed that the illumination was not satisfactory and at times it failed when needed the most When the first news came out of roads getting the illumination in the dark, many were overwhelmed with joy as even the thoughts of cruising along Tron-like roads was so fascinating. But soon after the initial […]

How does it feel to drive the all new 2015 BMW i8

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BMW i8

This piece of machine is the proof of BMW’s Technological Brilliance embodied into an Exotically Vivid Design   Whenever you hear the name BMW, “world-class track star” is the first thing that flashes into your head but when it comes to the all new i8, the whole definition changes because it is not conceptualised, engineered […]

10 Most Reliable Car Engines Infographic

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10 most Reliable Car Engines featured image

Car Engines With the Lowest Breakdown Rate Engine reliability is a huge factor in any car buyers decision. Owners don’t want them to fail but as these are just machines they are bound to fail at some point of time. Nonetheless, there are still some car makers out there who are at the peak when […]

EU competition watchdog attacks vehicle exhaust manufacturers

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Exhaust Manufacturers

Multi-dollar fines were imposed on several car parts manufacturers in last few years by the regulators EU competition regulators have raided several car parts manufacturing firms that produce vehicle exhaust systems, one of the those victims is a well known French firm Faurecia, Germany’s Eberspaecher Group and TenneCo of the United States, as part of […]

SEAT confirms Leon-based SUV for 2016

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Finally SEAT has confirmed that they are gearing up for the launch of LEON based SUV in 2016 It is a likely an official confirmation after years of wait and revealing of several concepts. SEAT has confirmed that they will introduce the LEON based SUV from the same MQB platform used by LEON. The all […]

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – Most Famous Couple Owns Tesla Model S

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Tesla Model S ticks all the boxes to become a luxury electric vehicle It would be real hard to find someone who doesn’t know Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, they are also known as the power couple of the Hollywood. Popularity and personality of Brad Pitt is above reproach, same goes with Angelina Jolie when […]

Drive sad? Don’t Worry Your Next Car May Have Dr. Ben with You

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Emotion detection system

Your next car will be emotionally attached with you through smart technology As the automotive technologies are getting advanced with every passing day, your next car expected to be equipped with emotion detection system. It will read your face expressions while driving. It looks like Dr. Ben, isn’t it? It is an effort to overcome […]

2000 horses to be caged in Nemesis engine – A new concept by Trion

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Nemesis will be coming with a ‘Predator engine Mode’ If you really are a die-hard fan of supercars then you probably can count your favourite ones on your finger tips, all offering something different from one another. But what they all have in common is the speed and power that drives them wild, having said […]

Warning! Using a Phone While Driving Increases the Risk of Crash by Four Times

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in-car hand-free system

Risk of crashing is four times higher when you are on call while driving, While Driving, But Do you really think that Hands-Free Phones are Safer than Hand-Held? It is a general belief that making a call on Hands-Free is much safer than of Hands-Held while driving. A survey conducted by the National Safety Council […]