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DVLA Under Scrutiny as Their Website Crashes Frequently

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DVLA Website

Drivers and Vehicle Licencing Agency is under fire as they introduce changes in driving licence rules and the website crashes After the new rules have been introduced by DVLA, widely predicted technical hitches have continued. Very high rates of traffic on the DVLA website are causing frequent crashes to it. The majority of the traffic […]

Using a Car Seat? 5 Mistakes that Put Your Kids at Risk

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Baby On Board Warning Sign

Five most common child safety seat mistakes that can put your baby at danger of accident while driving Child safety seats are compulsory by law and without a doubt they protect your child while driving. There are several laws to safeguard your child while on road including the use of lock up provided with the […]

Get to Know the New Car Tax Rules

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Tax disc

The New Year has put an end to the tax disc age and a fine of £800 is waiting for the motorists Last October DVLA introduced sweeping changes to car tax rules. But many motorists are still unaware of the new rules and incur fines. Motorists don’t really need to display the tax disk on […]

How Safe are Driverless Cars?

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Autonomous Car in Parking

Driverless cars have zero percent accident rate The most discussed topic in the automotive industry is autonomous car technology. UK is in the driving seat with a huge investment on projects to introduce driverless cars. UK officials have released a research study on the dangers involved in introducing the driverless cars. The study concluded that […]

Human Eye Scanners to Replace Lgnition Switches

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Iris Scan

A camera based eye-scanning system will soon replace the ignition switches and it is far better than fingerprints based vehicle encryption It is not far when people will start their cars with the help of scanning their eye retinas, instead of turning the keys. EyeLock is an equipment manufacturing firm, they manufacture biometric equipment to […]

UK Driving Licence to Feature the Union Flag

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UK Driving-Licence with Union Flag

The UK government has finally decided to play the patriotic card by adding a union flag to the driving licences UK driving licence photo cards will get a new look as the union flag will feature on them from now onwards. The union flag will be added to every card issued in any part of […]

Government to Cut Down On UK Driving Licence Cost By 32%

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Driving Licence Renewal Fees Slashed

The Government announces plans to cut down cost of applying for a UK driving licence   The UK Government has announced plans to slash the cost of applying for a UK driving licence with first licences costing £16 and renewals down by £6. The cost of applying for your first UK driving licence, and renewing […]

Fatalities On The Rise In 20mph zones Rose 29% in 2013

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20mph Sign

Fatalities Rise in 20mph Speed Zone   The number of accidents in 20mph speed limit saw an increase by more than a quarter in 2013. One motoring body said that just putting 20mph signs on the road is not enough to save lives. The figures released by Department for Transport show casualties in 20mph zones […]

Get Ready to Pay Road Tax If Your Driving Through Germany

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German Toll Booth

Germans to start charging for using their roads   If you want to travel through Germany you will have to pay a car toll from 2016 under new German Government plans. Foreign drivers would have to purchase a permit which will cost €10 (£7.90) for 10 days which would then be displayed on a windscreen. […]

Find Out Which Speed Camera Makes The Most

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Speed Camera In Action

Britain’s Most Profitable Speed Camera Is…   Speed cameras are not in any one’s good books but they bring in huge amount of revenue for the Chancellor. Some love them some loathe them, but they do have some undeniable advantages. Will you like to know what speed camera in the UK brings the most amount […]