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A Preview of the 2015 New York Motor Show

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The New York Motor Show is being held from the 1st of April to the 14th of April The New York Auto Show has opened with ground-breaking models of models. Almost all major car manufacturers are participating with their new models and concepts. We saw the launch of Mercedes-Benz GLE, BMW X5 hybrids and Mitsubishi […]

Lexus Previews the Futuristic LF-SA Concept in Geneva

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Lexus LF-SA 2015 Interior

LF-SA is a striking Supermini concept and the smallest ever Lexus. It will take four years to be production ready Audi A1 and MINI have a new rival as it has its eyes on the premium supermini market. The supermini concept was revealed on last Tuesday at the Geneva Motor Show. Lexus’s European boss said […]

10 Most Reliable Car Engines Infographic

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10 most Reliable Car Engines featured image

Car Engines With the Lowest Breakdown Rate Engine reliability is a huge factor in any car buyers decision. Owners don’t want them to fail but as these are just machines they are bound to fail at some point of time. Nonetheless, there are still some car makers out there who are at the peak when […]