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The British Built Vauxhall Vivaro is an Excellent All Rounder

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Vauxhall Vivaro

The Vivaro is an excellent all-rounder which leads the way to its commercial vehicle arena

The British built Vauxhall Vivaro is an excellent light commercial vehicle and it is good in more than expected areas. The Vivaro shares a number of its features with the Renault Trafic. The Vivaro is a British built van and has been built at the Luton manufacturing facility of Vauxhall, with more than 40 per cent parts sourced locally. Being a home loyal is not enough to take the business in the market like the UK. The UK market is one of the most congested and largest markets in the world. But Vauxhall Vivaro has a lot to go to become the leader in the vans market. Vauxhall itself has to make a lot much effort to build a Vivaro which would be a worth considering vehicle when rivals like Ford Transit and Mercedes sprinter are there.

Although the panel van also offers some clever tricks to enhance the image if the vehicle on the market. The Vivaro panel van offers flex cargo loading hatch to allow you the loads like poles and planks to the passenger seats. This way you can close the rear doors of the van.

Vauxhall Vivaro’s Extra Features

Apart from these facilities, there are several tweaks to be offered as optional features which include optional wider opening for the rear doors and the setting of these doors is excellent, where they can be open wide to 165 degrees. The 12v socket has been offered in the loading bay to use electricity if needed on the backside. Several bulkheads mounted coat hooks are also offered for added facilities.

All the versions of all new Vivaro can facilitate three euro pallets easily. The loading capacity of the Vivaro is 1280kg on the short wheelbase model, however, the long wheelbase model can handle one-third extra of the short wheelbase model.

Vauxhall Vivaro Engines

The Vivaro van has the only 1.9-Litre diesel engine to be offered on all the trims but every engine offered in trim levels with differed power options. With the change in power levels, it is also expected that the economy and power figures would change. The lower power version of the Vivaro is definitely a most fuel economical version as well. The most impressive and highly powered version is Vauxhall Vivaro engine with bi-turbo technology.

It has an officially claimed fuel economy of 47 miles per gallon and has carbon emissions of way over 150g/km. the engine starts/stop technology is helping the vehicle to keep these figures down and in control. This system is largely similar to the system used in VW Transporter vans. Almost all Vauxhall Vivaro engines come with start / stop technology but the entry-level model is not fitted with this technology, not sure if you can get it as an optional feature. This engine still returns a fuel economy of 43.3mpg and carbon emissions of relatively high in this class, capped at 172g/km.

Bi-turbo Diesel Engine

In the Vivaro engines lineup, the 145bhp bi-turbo diesel engines are range-topping versions and they are fantastic power machines with lower down torque delivery. The torque delivery from base level can make the hauling of heavy loads easy in the city traffic. This torque delivery also makes a room for easy overtaking when cruising on the motorways.

The entire engine lineup is quiet and smooth while delivers the relaxed driving experience on the motorway and even on the local roads. In the aftermarket of Vauxhall parts, there are hundreds of garages who have Reconditioned Vauxhall Vivaro engines for sale and can be bought at highly competitive rates.

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