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Volkswagen is known for its practicality and reliability and so is VW Passat

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VW Passat

The adaptive sports suspension allows the car to be lowered by 15mm, is worth noticing Volkswagen Passat has made a big impression since borrowing the Golf R engine, and its performance has proven it to be a wise decision. Passengers in the second row will have plenty of legroom, while people in the front seats […]

Volkswagen Crafter the biggest van this brand makes

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Volkswagen Crafter Engines for sale

Volkswagen Crafter engines for every generation are quite efficient Volkswagen Crafter has been a popular van among the buyers that use it for commercial use. But the usage is not limited to this purpose only. This is a panel van by default but there are a single cab and double cab version also. There are […]

VW Concept Sport Saloon On MQB-B Platform Made Its Debut In Beijing Auto Show 2014

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This new VW coupe is wearing MQB-B platform and weighs less than Jetta Volkswagen concept sport saloon on MQB-B platform made its debut in Beijing Auto Show 2014. This new coupe is wearing MQB-B platform and weighs less than VW Jetta Wearing the Modular Transverse Matrix platforms, Volkswagen’s new Sport Saloon concept will be lower […]