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Nissan Navara upgraded with interesting additions

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Nissan Navara Reconditioned Engine

With an interior overhaul and new rear suspension, refinement is added

You may not be a big fan of light commercial vehicles but to be in one is a desire which certainly arises by seeing one. Nissan Navara is a popular model and commonly seen on roads. What has been added to the 2019 upgrade has given it a more car-like interior which adds to its sophistication.

So now this is a utilitarian vehicle but with a nice place to sit in and feel good to be in one. The rear suspension has given more stability to the back which is not more intact now than before. Navara is moving towards a step by step climb which is nice to see and experience.

With the present changes has proved this vehicle to be more family friendly. Navara diesel engines give back good economy rate and performance. There are five trim levels to choose from which are built for separate purposes.

The body styles are also meant for the same reason. For many reasons, people like to have this one when coming to buying multipurpose transport. The body styles built solely for work purpose are there to impress that side and they do it successfully.

The engine always ready to pull more

Navara engines are not designed to give the best performance nor do it is a good lap time scorer. But what is still appreciable is the capability the engine can pull heavy loads. This is a light commercial vehicle, right?

So this purpose is the only one kept in focus. The engine which sends power is a 2.5-litre engine with two variations. The lower is TURBO EFI 2.5 Litre Diesel engine while the other one is TURBO INTERCOOLER DI 16 VALVE 2.5 Litre Diesel engine. The engine is refined as much as it can be with a tough job to offer.

There is flexibility and there is power but what is missing is the quiet environment inside the cabin especially in the King Cab body style. The Double Cab body style has a more refined nature in this and every other area.

There is a six-speed manual transmission which is suitable for those who are used to rough handling cars. If the buyer seeks more comfort for the driver then the 7-speed automatic gear change is the one to go for as.

It is smooth giving a more up class feel. Reconditioned Nissan Navara engines are another way to get even better performance out of your pick up. With Nissan engines supply and fit service at one place, it gets even easier to get the replacement.

Take it to any surface

The handling area of this truck is not bad at all, but do not expect it to handle like a car. The Double Cab version will, however, give you the closest feel though. The wind noise and engine noise are there at the start-up and afterwards also.

But what makes the ranking better for the engine is that it is refined and does not show any resentment while on motorway cruising. The thing which lacks over here is the vigorous ride expected from a tough 4 by 4 wheel drive vehicle.

Yes, there is a four-wheel drive option present as standard in the Double Cab and it can be switched any time needed. The thing to enjoy is the ability of the suspension to coop any surface and drive through it.

Even in the more sophisticated form, this trait is present. The rear suspension in the Double cab style has been improved which gives the rear passengers a more comfortable and smooth ride. In the King cab form, the suspension remains the same, however.

The upgraded interior

For the one used for families, there is a piece of good news for the cabin. It has been given some very fine details to suit the nature of a family rider. There have been more car-like additions to the cabin which really makes a difference.

The higher spec models get this upgrade replacing the outdated one. There are clear infotainment display and the Nissan Connect touch screen navigation with easy operating.

The front seats are commendable providing the driver and the front passenger a good and supportive place to be. The rear also provides comfort especially with the new suspension installed.

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