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Mercedes Vito – Blue EFFICIENCY at Its Peak

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Mercedes Vito

Mercedes Vito diesel engines smash the 1 ton market of vans

Mercedes Vito stands out in the small business market with its class-leading technologies and features with all the right boxes ticked for smaller business and more than fit for the fleet vehicles. It’s only the rear wheel drive vehicle offered with the best range of 2.0-litre engines. All the units offered on the Mercedes Vito are 2.0-litre four-cylinder versions and best fit to the smaller business fleets. These engines are offered on all 110CDI, 113CDI, and 116CDI models. However, for the 122CDI range of models, Mercedes has offered a 3.0-litre V6 engine. All of them are diesel engines. An option of six-speed manual transmission and an automatic transmission has been given to the buyers. There are three different lengths of the panel van offered in the UK market to facilitate the drivers with different demands. There is a high roof option also available in the UK market. Mercedes engines are more than efficient units and come with Mercedes Blue EFFICIENCY technology for extended fuel economy and efficiency.

Mercedes also offers double cab vans under Dualiner nameplate and at the same time, another option of travelling is also available. It is a passenger carrier van with as much as nine seats. Sport and sports activity X models are aimed towards owners rather than fleet drivers and businesses. The Vito is good for the drivers who wish to use their vehicle for camping purposes and looking for some entertainment over the weekends.

Mercedes Vito Blue EFFICIENCY features

The Blue EFFICIENCY package is another option for the buyers and they can buy it for just £630, users can specify the Mercedes Blue EFFICIENCY package deal on all models of the Vito. The Blue EFFICIENCY when used on the manual options, brings an ECO Stop function, which shut the engine off when the automobile comes to a halt in impartial; the engine then restarts robotically when the driver shifts the gear to drive again. This system cuts fuel consumption to more than 13 per cent.  Additionally included are an ECO power-steering option and an electronically managed fuel pump – both of which cut back demands on the engine. Regenerative braking system sees the alternator and battery administration to generate alternative energy on the decelerating and braking when the van is dropped its speed or braking. Apart from this, low-rolling-resistance tyres shrink the drag forces to further improve the fuel economy.

This is not just the end, on all manuals systems, a gear shift indicator assists the driver in shifting gears at the right time to save more fuel and increase the miles per gallon. Thus of all this, Blue EFFICIENCY vans promise to raise the fuel economy around two miles per gallon and on the average Vito makes more than 40 miles per gallon. So here the Mercedes Vito 113cdi version of the 2.2-litre Mercedes diesel engines crank 136bhp in all its 113 CDI types and declares 38 to 40 miles per gallon of fuel economy. Plus, the Mercedes ASSIST set-up ensures a carrier is handiest carried out when the Vito needs it – the procedure calculates service intervals in line with how the van has been driven.

The driving pleasure on Vito models

The Vito is not only a light commercial van but it also delivers an excellent comfort level too, and handles well, too. Even the least stronger engines used in the 113 CDI vehicles provide top-rated efficiency, manual gearboxes are mild and easy to be used. The Vito is among the few vehicles in its class to be furnished with an automatic transmission – perhaps the most vigorous Peugeot van will get the choice of an automatic transmission, and Volkswagen sells its DSG automated transmissions on the Transporter, however in any other case you’re largely restricted to buy manual transmissions because there is no automatic option available on all those engines. There are hundreds of garages and breaker yards in the UK who sale Mercedes Vito 113 used engines.

There is another reason for standing out in the UK market is Vito’s rear-wheel-drive powertrain. All the rivals in the UK market are front-wheel drive, despite the fact that the Transporter comes with the option of 4-wheel drive versions as well. The Vito drivers can identify the tailgate and two-way side doors for better entrance in the vehicle. Mercedes Vito 113 reconditioned engine are easily available in the UK.

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