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Latest Volkswagen Crafter Revealing New Powerful Engines

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The Volkswagen Crafter producer has also introduced two different rear wheel drive configurations

For a commercial vehicle, it has become quite usual to offer good comfort and cabin accessories but very few of them come with a range of variations to cater to different needs of the buyers of this segment. Volkswagen Crafter has gained a good number of models in the range and with safety kit, the vehicle grabs the attention of every single commercial van buyer in the UK. The last year model was a big step forward as in appearance it has advanced but keeps a compact look. It is, in fact, the fourth generation of the company’s larger vans. Volkswagen Crafter diesel engines are mostly configured with front-wheel drive but there is an all-wheel-drive model too. This would surely give you the thrilling driving experience.

If you are looking for reconditioned Volkswagen Crafter engines then it is easy to get one fitted to your vehicle. These keep their agility and fuel economy very much intact so you would find them the good choice at an affordable price. The van producer has also introduced two different rear wheel drive configurations for front wheel drive configuration only one diesel engine 2.0 TDCI with the total of four power variation possibilities but for the UK only three of them available.

Excellent tech features of Volkswagen Crafter

The rear wheel drive and 4Motion get two more powerful units. Both manual and auto gearboxes are available with all models in the range so you are at full liberty to choose from six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic for your own Volkswagen Crafter. The technology you see in cars of this same company is also part of this commercial van and thus it surpasses the rivals. Not only tech features but feel and use of material for the cabin is also closer to the cars like Golf. Touch-screen and infotainment system are equally good.

The steering wheel is used for multiple purposes as some controls are available thereon. Another thing about the steering is it is first of its own kind in this size of a commercial van. Electromechanical steering system and other safety features like airbags, crosswind assistance and post-collision auto braking are some of the optional specifications.

The experts found it as the best van of the year

To make driving easy there is a reverse camera, hands-free reverse parking, trailer assists to reverse with a trailer with greater ease and side assist to inform you if anything is coming into the radius. With that much to offer to the customers this van has definitely done a great job for the drivers. People cannot ignore it now and will look for the similar aides in the other vehicles of this segment.

The experts found it as the best van of the year for previous year. The strong durable engines for all the different models in the range guarantee efficiency and economy.

SCR catalytic converter system

Environment-friendly units comply with the standards of Euro6. In addition to it, the cleaning of gasses emitting from the exhaust pipe has been ensuring through SCR catalytic converter system. Fuel average is good and the figures achieved through engine efficiency and stop-start system that increases the fuel-saving up to 15%. The exterior aerodynamics are also claimed to be the most advanced among the vehicles of this class. But the fuel average is not the best as it falls short of just two miles per gallon on a combined cycle. And with more powerful variant this difference becomes even greater. The load area has been designed to carry maximum cargo and it is quite good in pulling. It has got variety as the new model is available in different body sizes.

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