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BMW 318d is the Choice of Bigger Minds

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BMW 318d

The much-improved 318d makes frugal sense

If you are in the market for a nice and enthusiastic car, then BMW 318d is matchless in terms of styling, comfort and power. BMW 318d retains all of the characteristics that makes the 3 Series one of the best-selling cars in the UK. Fantastic build, nice handling, riding comfort and what do you expect more?

The BMW 318d is a kind of car that needs nothing but the name in the way of introduction. It is, unequivocally, immense volume seller of the range, acting as the cash cow that allows BMW touch the sky by making racing, exotic sports models and develop new technology to crush every enemy in seconds. The 318d has been top-rated car over a number of years.

Driving ease with BMW 318d

This refined sixth generation 3 Series model continues with pretty deep-rooted themes. High efficiency, rear wheel drive and a focus on driving comfort are a gift. BMW has carefully worked to reduce weight in the 3 Series, aiding extra agility and performance.

All versions of the improved 3 Series saloon are given Drive Performance Control as standard, a switch enabling the driver to change between four driving modes, ranging from sporty to extremely economical. The four modes are ECO PRO, Comfort, Sport, and Sport +. Sport + is given only on Sports models or with selected optional equipment.

There is no question mark on the efficiency of BMW 318d engines. Try the standard 150bhp 318d having a 2.0-litre diesel engine and it feels genuinely fleet-footed, lifting 0-60mph in just 8.6s, though the power band is fairly slim and it’s done its best work by 3,000rpm.

The BMW 318d never feels raucous and trashy at any point, and the manual gearbox is smooth so changing gears to keep it on the boil is no big deal.

The steering feels sleek and accurate, but not laden with detailed surface feedback. You’ll unfold from the 318d that how BMW’s chassis engineers have managed the absolute ride and handling. In other words, the bar’s just been raised to the maximum height.

Designing in BMW 318d

One thing that hasn’t changed is the luxurious layout. BMW has never disappointed its customers in terms of style and class. Stand looking at the car for fifteen minutes and you will start loving the 318d.

The key design theme appears to be to make the car look wider and lower than ever before, so BMW has revised the front and rear bumper assemblies with broader horizontal components. The headlights have also been improved, LED indicators now acting as eyebrows across the top of the light units.

At the back, the tail lamps are full-LED units with more heavily curved light bars. There is also a revised range of wheels, with rims up to 19 inches in diameter available as an option – and 20-inch wheels can be selected from the BMW accessories range.

The cabins now have a light touch applied to them, with a spice of high quality and utter comfort. Other updates include cup holders in the centre console with a sliding cover and an additional practical storage area for items such as a smartphone, positioned forward of the cup holders.

There’s a decent dose of rear legroom for what it remains a practical car. The saloon’s luggage bay still measures 480-litres or you can go for the Touring estate version with 495-litres. For speed lovers, the BMW 318d is a fantastic option to get. You can go for the option of BMW 318d engine supply and fit service from BMW authorized engine repairing workshops.

On the inside

A new 6.5-inch colour screen is standard and makes using iDrive a better experience. Air-conditioning controls and overall quality of switch gear is top-notch. The Sensa Tec man-made internal leather upholstery is no comparison for the real materials found in the 328i and 335i but still makes a great sense of depicting an imperious interior.

In the battle with the previous-generation BMW 3 Series, the 318d is able to provide 15mm more knee room and 8mm more headroom for the rump passengers. In the size, it is identical to the 5 Series of the early 2000s, which means it will easily accommodate four six-footed adults for long-distance drives with the option for a fifth when required.

What is more entertaining than BMW 318d’s powerful motor if you are up for a vigorous drive?

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