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Mercedes E 250d is Excellent Tourer

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Mercedes Benz E-250 D Engine

It shows the advancement of technology by Mercedes In 2014 Mercedes Benz refreshed E class cars and the Blue-tech diesel engine model offers a splendid drive experience. Shifting to front wheels drive configuration also enhanced appeal for buyers. Distinctive body design for luxury and sport models was also introduced in the same year. That year […]

Volkswagen is known for its practicality and reliability and so is VW Passat

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VW Passat

The adaptive sports suspension allows the car to be lowered by 15mm, is worth noticing Volkswagen Passat has made a big impression since borrowing the Golf R engine, and its performance has proven it to be a wise decision. Passengers in the second row will have plenty of legroom, while people in the front seats […]

BMW 630d, stunning car with impressive performance

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BMW 630D Engines

The vehicle is a nice workspace at the back as well as it can be converted into an entertainer for the family You buy the car for personal use or business use in both cases the car is made to meet the need. This is a big car but there is no compromise on its […]

An impressive vehicle presented with powerful engine, Audi A6

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Audi A6

The Audi A6 is a premium luxury automobile with class-leading features Upscale automobiles compete to provide the most up-to-date technological features as well as a luxurious ride. Their engines are both strong and efficient, with outstanding driving dynamics. The Audi A6 is a premium luxury automobile with class-leading features. The turbocharged V6 engine provides you […]

A mini but reliable car manufactured by maker, Citroen C3

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Citroen C3

The car’s three-cylinder engine and well-designed cabin are two more features that might be quite beneficial to its owners If a new automobile looks attractive, it will always attract customers and improve sales. Citroen C3 has this advantage, and the car industry is looking forward to another successful year. Another distinctive feature of this car […]

Mini Cooper, a Mini but small car perfect for small families

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Mini Cooper Engine

The classic design of Mini will continue in the line-up for 2022, albeit with a few tweaks The modified Mini has been on the market for 20 years. With its impossibly small proportions, front-drive configuration, and impish driving qualities, the original, designed by Sir Alec Issigonis, revolutionized the small vehicle industry. It went on to […]

BMW 635d is big and fast along with classy interior

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BMW 635D

We all know the frugal nature of these units so you can drive as much as you like Big car big money and an array of features define BMW 635 d in few words. It is really fun to drive a car just like any petrol model car from BMW. You also get BMW 635d replacement […]

Audi A8, a vehicle with luxurious interior and powerful engine

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Audi A8

The Audi A8 is a shining illustration of Audi’s level of excellence Audi is a major player in the car business. Its goods are one-of-a-kind in terms of design, performance, and style. Audi has utilised cutting-edge technology, distinctive design, and powerful engines in its vehicles to provide excellent value to its loyal customers all over […]

The most stylish BMW 335d offers the quality ride along with its quality features

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BMW 335D

The BMW 335d has an abundance of amenities that will astound you The BMW 335d is quite appealing because of its stunning appearance, unmatched exterior, and strong engine. There’s no disputing that the BMW Group has built a strong reputation by manufacturing classic and beautiful automobiles like the BMW 335d. To summarise, this is a […]

If you like to fly on off-roads as well as on highways, Ford Ranger is for you

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Ford Rangers

Road grip for all models with all-wheel drive is quite good and it helps in managing too To continue challenging competitors, the Ford Ranger made necessary changes to a facelift a few years ago. After that, the trimmed Quantum 4 is now more loaded with technical features than before. The entry-level XL and XLT models […]